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SharePoint Alerts Add-in has improved alert sending scheduler

April 11, 2016

Now you can send your SharePoint Online Alerts on a specific schedule. 

Actually, you were able to create own schedule in a previous version of Virto SharePoint Alerts Add-in and sent alerts on daily, weekly summary or based on list’s date field value.


In the new version of SharePoint Online Alerts add-in you can send alerts more specifically. Now you can adjust the custom date, when you will receive your alert email according to the date from a field.

For example, you can send alerts on third day after an item changes. Or you can set a reminder and get a message in 3 days before an event occurs.

This feature allows you to always be in line with your busy schedule and receive useful reminders not on the last day, but always on time!


SharePoint Alerts Add-In allows users to send group and individual alerts about changing items in SharePoint via email. Itss user friendly interface allows setting up different terms and conditions, create custom templates and send them to a user or group of users in a single ticket. Keep all of your SharePoint users informed about current tasks and projects, get reports immediately about any items created, updated or deleted. No one thing is missed now!

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