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SharePoint 2013 workflow activities update

July 4, 2016

SharePoint workflow activities kit was extended with 15 new administration activities for SharePoint 2013.

– Activate / deactivate SharePoint feature
– Create SharePoint group / list or document library / site / site collection
– Delete SharePoint group / list or document library / site / site collection
– Get site property as string
– Start list workflow / site workflow
– Update SharePoint group properties / site properties 


SharePoint Workflow Activities Extensions Kit by Virto offers you a no-code set of 270+ SharePoint extensions for creating custom SharePoint Workflows 2013, 2010 and 2007 using SharePoint Workflow Designer. It allows you to manage SharePoint sites, lists and list items, send e-mail and sms, work with Active Directory groups, set permissions, and run many more types of SharePoint workflows.

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SharePoint Workflow Activities kit

This set of tools allows you to manage workflows, using visual, intuitive designed solutions provided with an impressive set of 270+ activities and conditions for creating custom SharePoint workflows. Three web parts are united to work with SharePoint workflows including monitoring and scheduling them into a single bundle. Use collection of Virto activities, create custom workflows, adjust schedule of workflows running and monitor all of them with Virto tools. All bundle components work in SharePoint 2013, 2010 and 2007.