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Office 365 Alerts with a custom schedule feature

December 8, 2016

Office 365 Alerts add-in by Virto has the new ability to send an Office 365 email reminder with a specific schedule based on a list’s date field value.

1. Same date.

You can send an Office 365 alert on the same date as the date from a chosen field value. In this case, you need to set the exact time when the alert will be sent.

2. Before or after X number of days.

Another option is to send an Office 365 alert before or after X number of days from a date based on a specified field value (“Due Date” in the following example). You can set the exact sending time for “After” and “Before” options as well.

3. A day count from a number type field value. 

Also, you can send an Office 365 alert according to a day count from a value from a custom number type field. For example, you have created in a list the Due Date field and a custom number type field.

Select the option “Send on date from a field value” and choose, for example, Due Date field. Then you can assign a count of days from a custom field to send the alert.

For example, the value in the custom “Number of days” field is 1. Select the “After X number of days specified in field”. Then choose the custom list field with a number. In this example, we have value “1” in this custom field. This means, you will receive this alert on the next day after the date in the “Due date” field.

You can learn more about all features and abilities of Virto Office 365 Email Alerts customization and download ites 30-days free trial.

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