Office 365 Alerts add-in has two new great features

September 12, 2016

We have added two awesome features to our Office 365 Alerts add-in.

Now you can display lookup field in your email alert as a link to item view form. With this feature, you can add, for example, a link to a client card right from your email alert. Learn more about this new ability of Office 365 alerts in Virto product`s use cases.

Another ability of SharePoint Online alerts by Virto is a new functionality for daily and weekly summary alerts. Now you can merge summary alerts in one Office 365 alert with table. This option can be useful, if you need to create daily or weekly report and you need to merge all list`s or item`s changes in one table. Learn more how to adjust this ability for your Office 365 alert.

If you still have not installed Virto Office 365 alerts add-in, you can download and try the fully free 30-days trial of new version right now!