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Meet the new Virto Calendar App for Office 365

February 1, 2016

Now a feature-rich Virto SharePoint Calendar web part is available for SharePoint Online too.
Meet the brand new Calendar add-in for Office 365!

Display all your events in a convenient color-coded SharePoint Calendar App, view schedules in different calendar views, customize colors for each data source. 

Learn more about all new features and try a free trial on Calendar add-in for Office 365 page!

All events in a single calendar

With Virto SharePoint Calendar app you can easily managing multiple schedules! Any SharePoint lists can be used as a Data Source. Aggregate all your events from different SharePoint sites into one calendar!

Color code events from distinct data sources

Mark every data sources in your SharePoint calendar app with its own color.

Many calendar views

SharePoint Calendar add-in allows you to view schedules in Day, Week, Work Week, Month, Year, Task, Gantt and Multi source view.

User-friendly interface
Add an event with a single mouse click and easily move events to a new date/time with the drag and drop feature. Also, you can edit event duration in SharePoint Calendar add-in for Office 365 with a simple resizing action.