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Office 365 Kanban Board charts view and easy new SharePoint kanban board creation.

October 16, 2016

Office 365 Kanban has several new features with its latest release.

First at all, we have added charts. Now you can view all statictics of your team work in one view.
You can switch with a single click to charts page and back to board view. Here you can track tasks statuses of the whole project and see user tasks charts.


Among other changes is the slightly improved design of boards page. Also, we have added the ability to create new board within a few seconds.

Now you can create a new board and new task list with default settings and autofilters. You can always make the detailed configuring of this Office 365 Kanban board any time later. Or choose other option and customize an existing list right now with all advanced settings.


You can download the newest version of Office 365 Kanban or try all its new features in 30-days fully free trial.