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Manage Resources with Virto Resource Utilization for SharePoint 2013!

August 14, 2014

​If you’re tired of tracking your employees all over the SharePoint site, trying to build the whole picture of their workload and spending time on reassigns when somebody is too loaded, then just download and use our Virto SharePoint Resource Management web part. Now the web part is working with SharePoint 2013 too.

Virto Resource Utilization is a Gantt view chart, which is the Silverlight-based web part that allowsSharePoint users to use special tools for resource management and online utilization tracking. With this component users can easily check the workload of their employees and utilization of material resources and, if needed, immediately make the necessary changes.

Download trial right now or visit the Virto SharePoint Resource Management web part page to learn more and see the full list of features!