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Download and Use Our New Component – Virto User Redirect

November 12, 2013

VirtoSoftware has just released a new web part for Microsoft SharePoint – Virto User Redirect. The web part is designed for automatic redirecting SharePoint users from the site pages they are not allowed to visit to other SharePoint site pages. This easy-to-use feature allows SharePoint site administrators to manage access in this really progressive and attractive way without displaying access errors or warning messages. A user is just redirected to a page he is allowed to visit.

The web part supports managing redirect for both separate users and SharePoint groups. Moreover, SharePoint groups can include Active Directory security groups as well. It is also allowed to adjust redirecting for anonymous users and set redirecting for a specific period of time.

SharePoint User Redirect is ready for download and installation on SharePoint 2010 or 2013 server. The component contains new license manager.