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Big update of Virto Office 365 apps and trial changes

November 8, 2017

10 new workflow

We have added 10 new actions to the Virto Office 365 workflow activities kit.

  • Rename folder
  • Item exists in the list 
  • Workflow is running
  • Convert date from local time to UTC
  • Convert date from UTC to local time
  • Get date property
  • Create SharePoint site
  • Set default permission group
  • Set SharePoint group’s owner
  • Decode web text
  • Encode web text

Now, the whole set contains over 80 custom activities for SharePoint Designer.


SharePoint Kanban app

The Office 365 Kanban Board app’s new functionality makes the SharePoint task management processes more pleasant!

We have added new filters capabilities, including the option to create personal user filters. Moreover, you can label your favorite boards and add comments to your tasks on the Virto SharePoint Kanban Board. We have also changed slightly the action panel of the board and added new buttons.

And you will definitely appreciate the dynamic swimlanes option, in case your source lists of Kanban board are changing often. With this option enabled, you don’t have to change the swimlanes set manually, and they will be added or deleted automatically. Learn more about these features in the blog about Virto SharePoint Kanban update.

SharePoint Calendar app

The significant change of Virto Office 365 Calendar app is the option to color-code Exchange Calendar Meeting Rooms is SharePoint. The previous Virto Calendar version assigned the colors to your Exchange meeting rooms automatically. The new Virto SharePoint Calendar app version makes it possible to manually select a color scheme for your calendar meeting rooms according to your preferences.


Trial changes

We have changed the pricing of the Virto Calendar and Virto Kanban apps. From now on, the fully functional Office 365 Calendar app is available free for 1-5 users and the Office 365 Kanban for 1-3 users. So, if it is quite enough for your company, you may use these apps for unlimited time. Otherwise, you are to select a suitable pricing plan.