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Add new SalesForce data source to your Virto Calendar for SharePoint

February 1, 2015

It’s time for good news! We have added one more data source type to the list of available ones for Virto SharePoint Calendar web part. Now you can connect SalesForce data to your calendar view and display events in a single SharePoint view.

If you tend to use both calendar in SalesForce and Virto SharePoint Calendar, you have a unique option to unite these calendars on a single SharePoint view page.

All you need is to have SalesForce API enabled in your organization and connect to SalesForce for adding data to the SharePoint. As a result of successful adjustment, you can manage and view SalesForce events in Virto calendar on your SharePoint site page. Isn’t it an attractive new feature to start using updated Virto Calendar right now?

P.S. We have also improved the procedure of adding Google calendar as a data source.

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