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November 1, 2015

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SharePoint Workflow Scheduler

With SharePoint Workflow Scheduler Web Part, you can automatically run any SharePoint Workflow within a single SharePoint site collection on a specific date and time (according to a timetable). Once SharePoint Workflow Scheduler web part is installed, you can create specific rules on when to run the scheduled SharePoint Workflows, e.g., start every hour, day, or week, one time only, recurring, etc.


SharePoint Workflow Status Monitor

SharePoint Workflow Status Monitor displays a list of SharePoint workflows with their titles and statuses (in progress/error occurred), which are running on the SharePoint site or specific SharePoint List. Using Virto SharePoint Workflow Status Monitor, you can filter workflows by source list, source item, date and status. You can stopping/starting SharePoint workflows, setting triggers for workflow auto termination, manually or automatically restart all the cancelled SharePoint workflows and highlights SharePoint workflows with errors in red.


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