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Minor Update For Bulk File Operations (May 2022)

May 19, 2022

We have just updated a group of Bulk File Operations web parts. Please take a look at the changes.

Bulk File Download for SharePoint 2013 and 2016

Version 5.5.46 is already available on our website.

First, we have fixed the issues with subsites configuration and keeping the folder structure. Then we have improved the Settings page UI. The features we have added are:

  • Ability to checkout files while downloading;
  • Actions in the quick menu.
Bulk Data Edit for SharePoint 2013 and 2016

Version 4.2.16 is already available on our website.

This time, we have added the operation details view.

Bulk File Copy Move for SharePoint 2013

Version 4.3.2 is already available on our website.

We have added file path length validation and permissions validation for the destination site. Also, we have fixed the security issue with regular users. Then, we have rewritten the engine for copying/moving files and the list items. And finally, we have made some changes to copy/move actions available for users with edit list items permission only.

Html5 Buk File Upload for SharePoint 2013

Version 1.6.51 is already available on our website.

We have fixed:

  • IE layout;
  • Save settings configuration issue;
  • The site settings disabled the ribbon button option;
  • The configuration issue for Tasks and Calendars;
  • The serialization issue
  • The permission issue;
  • Load folder validation;
  • Folder and file name length validation.

We have removed the allowed list types configuration option and have changed browsing for folders.

Finally, we have added:

  • Hide Bulk Uploader option for Site and List configuration;
  • The allowed list types configuration option;
  • Check-in files on the upload configuration option;
  • Message box on adding invalid files and folders;
  • Prevent uploading empty folders (using a file validator).