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Meet the SPFx Web Parts: HTML5 Bulk File Upload, Alerts and Reminders, Password Expiration

November 5, 2020

We have updated three web parts for SharePoint 2019. Now you can use them as SPFx web parts. Get more details in our post.

Virtosoftware has just released SPFx web parts. Now you can use all of them on modern SharePoint sites and get the complete functionality for your business. All the web parts are available for SharePoint 2019:

Virto HTML5 Bulk File Upload web part for SharePoint 2019;

Virto Alerts and Reminders web part for SharePoint 2019;

Virto Password Expiration web part for SharePoint 2019.

How to start using SPFx web part

1) Create Tenant App Catalog in your SharePoint if necessary:

2) To install the SPFx web part, run Setup.exe file under the farm administrator account. (Click the right mouse button on the .exe file and choose “Run as administrator”). Please do not use service administrative account to install and activate SPFx web part on your sites.

The .sppkg file will be automatically uploaded to your Tenant App Catalog into “Apps for SharePoint“. However, please verify that your app catalog contains the file with Virto Bulk File Download.

Now you are ready to add the web part on modern sites and pages on your SharePoint.

Download the updated Virto HTML5 Bulk File Upload, Virto Alerts and Reminders, or Virto Password Expiration web parts for SharePoint 2019 and start using them as SPFx web parts right now!