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Web Request

This activity makes a web request to an Uniform Resource Identifier. Use this activity to connect and communicate SharePoint with the external system.

SharePoint Workflow Designer Phrase

Send Web Request to this url using POST method with this headers and this request request in Text mode. Use this user and this password credentials. Store response in response and http status in http_status


Parameter Description
this url Web url. Ex: http://mysite/default.aspx
POST Http Method: GET, POST, PUT and etc. See Also
this headers HTTP headers. See Also
this request If Request mode is Text HTTP request message text. See Also If Request mode is SharePoint File SharePoint File Url, Web Url or Local Disk Path. Activity will send file content as http request. Ex: http://mysharepoint/MyDocs/Shared%20Documents/MSOMS.pdf Ex: c:\publicfolder\report.pdf Ex: http://externalserver/report.pdf Note: You could use "Get list item url" activity to resolve current file url.
Text Request mode: - Text – the activity uses request from this request variable - SharePoint file – the activity reads SharePoint file url from this request variable and sends SharePoint file as request data.
response HTTP response body See Also
http status An Integer representing the status of the HTTP output returned to the client. The default value is 200 (OK). For a listing of valid status codes, see Http Status Codes.