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Wait For Field Change in current item with Timeout

This activity wait for field changes periodically in current item with timeout and store timeout result in to variable.

Note: Default Wait For Field Change in current item activity

  1. Doesn’t detect code or workflow modifications

  2. Doesn’t detect status modifications

  3. Doesn’t have timeout

You could use this activity to implement wait for field change logic with timeout and process custom logic use timeout result, for example send notifications email if timeout was occurred.

See Workflow example below (Step 1 and Step 2):

First step wait for “Title” field to contain “Finish” text in current item with 24 hours (1 day) timeout.

Second step analyses timeout result and Send email to manager if timeout was occurred, otherwise continue business process.

SharePoint Workflow Designer Phrase

Wait for field to equal value, recheck every 00:00:00 with timeout 00:00:00 . Store timeout flag in isTimeoutResult


Parameter Description
Field Current list field
to equal Operator
Value Value to compare
recheck every 00:00:00 Indicates the length of the delay in the workflow between next check. Examples: 00:05:00 – every 5 minutes 02:00:10 – every 2 hours and 10 minutes 1.00:00:00 – every 1 day
timeout 00:00:00 The time until the wait times out. Ex: 00:00:00 – without time out 23:00:00 – 23 hours 1.00:00:00 – 1 day
isTimeoutResult Timeout result. if true, timeout was occurred. Otherwise false.