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User has permission level in list item (Free)

This condition finds list item by specified url and determines if the user has the specified permission level in the list item.


Parameter Description
specific person User or group
this permission level Value of permission field by default can be one of the following values: Full Control Design Contribute Read If any custom permission levels are defined, you can also specify those. For help on creating custom permission levels see The built-in permissions available in Windows SharePoint Services are supported Ex: OpenItems EditListItems
this list item url Full list item url Ex: http://mysharepoint/MyDocs/Shared%20Documents/MSOMS.pdf Ex: http://mysharepoint/Lists/List%20with%20Approve/1_.000 Ex: http://mysharepoint/Lists/List%20with%20Approve/DispForm.aspx?ID=1 Ex: http://mysharepoint/Lists/List%20with%20Approve/EditForm.aspx?ID=1