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Upload attachments

This activity uploads list item attachments from SharePoint Document Library, Web or Local Disk. Attachments multiline text field supports url and local disk path. Both http and https requests are supported.

SharePoint Workflow Designer Phrase

Upload this attachments attachments to list item at this list item url


Parameter Description
this attachments Attachment list. Attachment can be either file path or web link. Ex: http://mysharepoint/MyDocs/Shared%20Documents/MSOMS.pdf c:\publicfolder\report.pdf http://externalserver/report.pdf
this list item url Optional. Full list item url. If list item url is empty, attachments will be uploaded to current item. Ex: http://mysharepoint/Lists/List%20with%20Approve/1_.000 Ex: http://mysharepoint/Lists/List%20with%20Approve/DispForm.aspx?ID=1 Ex: http://mysharepoint/Lists/List%20with%20Approve/EditForm.aspx?ID=1