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Set list anonymous access

This activity configures anonymous access to a list.

Note: To perform this action:

  1. Administrator must have enabled anonymous access for the Web application.

  2. Have enabled anonymous access on a site. You can use Set site anonymous access activity to enable anonymous access on a site.

  3. List or library should use unique permissions. You can use Change list permissions inheritance activity to stop inheriting permissions.

Note: Enabling anonymous access makes a Web server inherently less secure because anonymous users and authenticated users that have not been granted access to your site can potentially change settings or content on your site or launch a denial of service attack against your server, and their actions cannot be traced to an authenticated user account.

SharePoint Workflow Designer Phrase

Anonymous user can Add: No , Edit: No, Delete: No, View: No Items to list at list url


Parameter Description
No Set Yes(No) to grant (forbid) anonymous permissions for list or library.
list url The URL of the list where anonymous access is being modified. Example: http://mycompany/Lists/PublicList

See Also: Enable anonymous access