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Send SMS via Clickatell Bulk SMS Gateway

This activity allows sending a single SMS message to specified phone number via Clickatell Bulk SMS Gateway.

Before using the activity you should:

Step 1. Register on

Step 2. Register for the HTTP product. Go to the HTTP API page and click on the grey button near the top right hand corner of the page which reads 'Register for Free'.

Step 3. Next, fill in your registration details on the registration form and press "submit". The 3 bits of information that you will need to send an SMS will be your "username", your "password", and your API_ID. Your API_ID gets issued immediately upon confirmation of registration.

Note, once you have registered and been activated you will automatically receive 10 FREE SMS credits which you can use for testing.

Step 4. Have the following information ready and pass valid values to the activity:

user: xxxxx

password: xxxxx

api_id: xxxxx

SharePoint Workflow Designer Phrase

Send Sms this message to this phone number. Use Clickatell gateway api_id this api id, user this user and password this password.


Parameter Description
this message SMS Message
this phone number Destination phone number
this sender id Optional. The source/sender address that the message will appear to come from also known as “Sender ID”. These must be registered within your Clickatell online account and approved by Clickatell before they may be used.
this api id Clickatell API Id
this user Clickatell Account name
this password Clickatell Account password