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Send Fax with Attachments

This activity allows sending fax with multiple attachments via Windows Fax Service.

Attachments multiline text field supports url and local disk path. Both http and https requests are supported. Activity impersonates SharePoint account when getting file.

The activity uses Windows Fax Service. It should be installed and configured. The activity uses the default sender attributes.

Fax installation guide:

  1. Setting up a modem

  2. Installing the Windows Fax Service

  3. Create a fax printer

  4. Configure the fax client. Allow SharePoint accounts to send fax.

  5. Send fax

SharePoint Workflow Designer Phrase

Send this subject fax to this recipient name, this fax number and include this attachments. Use Fax server this server.


Parameter Description
this subject Fax subject.
this recipient name Optional. The name of the fax recipient.
this fax number The fax number of the fax recipient.
this attachments Optional. Attachment file name. If file name is empty, file name will be resolved from response.
this server Optional. The name of the target fax server. If this parameter is empty, the method connects the application to the fax server on the local computer. For example: \\servername\Fax