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Resolve term internal value from managed metadata

Resolves the internal values of a taxonomy field in this format: "WSSID;#VAL|GUID".

This is necessary because SharePoint workflow uses different formats to get and set managed metadata field values. When retrieving a managed metadata field value, SharePoint returns the format “VAL|GUID”. When setting a value, the format "WSSID;#VAL|GUID" is instead required, where WSSID is the ID of the associated row in the hidden taxonomy list.

Note: Activity creates WssId automatically for terms that are not yet referenced from the site.

SharePoint Workflow Designer Phrase

Resolve this term internal value from this group in default term store at this site url. Language 1033. Store result in variable


Parameter Description
this term Path of term set and terms, separated by ‘ ’ or ‘;’
                  Ex: “Week” – removes term set “Week”                                                                                                          

                  Ex: “Week|Mon” – removes term set “Week” and sub term “Mon”                                                                                   

                  Ex: “Week|Mon|AM” – removes term “AM”                                                                                                         

                  **Note:** The signle name cannot exceed 255 characters, and it cannot contain any of the following illegal characters: ; " < > | & tab  |

| this group | Name of term group | | default term store | Optional. Name of Term store if name is empty, first term store will be used