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Loop through list items and update list items extended

This activity finds list by url and allows looping through list items and updating multiple list item fields.

SharePoint Workflow Designer Phrase

Loop through all items and update bulk update items at list url. Trigger update event No.


Parameter Description
all Optional. List item filter. The filter string supports View Name, View ID and CAML string (<Where>...</Where>). Empty filter returns all items.
bulk update Bulk update string. Includes field name and field value lines. [FieldName1]=[Value1] … [FieldNameN]=[ValueN] Use string <%FieldName%> construction to resolve field value from current list item. FieldName can be field display name, field id (GUID) or field index (int). Note: Use vti_titlte field to update title. Use ModerationInformation.Status field to update content approval status for an item. Use ModerationInformation.Comment field to update comment that addresses why the item was approved or rejected. **Example: ** Description=Test Description Start Date=2010-12-10T12:30:00 Published=1 Choice=My Choice #3 Lookup=12;# vti_title=My Super Title ModerationInformation.Status= Approved
list url Full list url Ex: http://mysharepoint/MyDocs/Shared%20Documents Ex: http://mysharepoint/Lists/List%20with%20Approve
No Indicates that activity triggers item update event. Default value No. Note: Can loop workflow activities, if set YES.