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Lookup Initiator User Property

This activity allows receiving workflow initiator property and stores result in variable.

SharePoint Workflow Designer Phrase

Lookup this property property for Initiator and store result in variable.


Parameter Description
this property User property name. Default value is LoginName. In most cases you would use LoginName or Name. Also available: - Sid - the unique security ID for the network account of the user. - ID - the member ID for the user. - LoginName - the user name of the user. - Name - the display name of the user. - IsDomainGroup - a boolean value that indicates whether the user is a domain group. - Email - the e-mail address of the user. - RawSid - the system ID of the user in binary format. - Notes - notes for the user. - And etc. Find more user properties here

Throws error, if either user or property don’t exist.