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Get user emails from Active Directory group

This activity extracts all emails from Active Directory vgroup and stores result in variable. If group includes sub-group, all users from sub-group will be extracted automatically.

You can use it to get email recipients from Active Directory group. The activity enumerates members of AD group, then extracts emails from members and returns a string with unique emails, concatenated by semicolon (“;”).

By default, activity uses the current user when authenticating. If you want to use custom authentication, use “Set Active Directory authentication” activity before.

SharePoint Workflow Designer Phrase

Get user emails from this group name in this domain and store result in variable.


Parameter Description
this group name Group name. Ex: “Administrators”, “DOMAIN\Administrators”, “Administrators@DOMAIN”
this domain Optional. Domain name. You should enter domain name if user name without a domain, otherwise it will be calculated from the group name.