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Get field values from list

This activity extracts values from field in Text, Html, Edit Mode and Internal format from filtered list items at specified list and store result in Array.

SharePoint Workflow Designer Phrase

Get emails from this field at this list item url and store result in variable.


Parameter Description
Text Format: - Text - The value as plain text without any formatting. - Html - The value in HTML format. - Edit Mode - The field value that is rendered in Edit mode. - Internal - The value in inner SharePoint format
all Optional. List item filter. The filter string supports View Name, View ID and CAML string (<Where>...</Where>). Empty filter returns all items.
this field Field name.
list url Optional. Source list. Default value is current list. Full list url Ex: http://mysharepoint/MyDocs/Shared%20Documents Ex: http://mysharepoint/Lists/List%20with%20Approve