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Deactivate SharePoint feature (SharePoint 2013)

This activity deactivates a feature in the feature collection.

Note: You must first determine the scope of the feature. If the scope is Web-based or is a site collection scope, the url parameter is required. However, if the scope is farm-based, the url parameter is not required.

SharePoint Designer phrase

SharePoint Workflow Designer Phrase

Deactivate the following feature on current site. Force Yes


Input parameters

Parameter Description Example
this feature Feature Display name or Feature ID - GUID that identifies the feature definition to remove Ex: Virto Alerts Customizer for SharePoint 04a03950-8f99-4ebd-9437-67be388e514c
current site Optional. Complete site or web url. If url is empty, current url will be used. If feature’s scope is farm-based, the url parameter is not required. https://contoso/SiteUrl; https://contoso/Sites/SiteUrl; [%Workflow Context:Current Site URL%]/subSite
Force Yes Specifies that an deactivation of the feature will be forced Yes No