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Create SharePoint site

This activity creates a new SharePoint site. Creates a subsite at the specified Uniform Resource Locator (URL).

SharePoint Workflow Designer Phrase

Create a new site titled this title at this url, using this template, description this description, use unique permission No, use the top link bar from the parent site No, display this site on the Quick Launch No and in the Top Link No of the parent site.


Parameter Description
this title The title of the new site. The maximum length is 255 characters.
this url The complete URL where the site should be created or relative url to the current site. Example: if parent site is http://server01/MyDocs, a correct url for new sub site should be http://server01/MyDocs/MyChild or MyChild if workflow is running on http://server01/MyDocs site.
this template Optional. Specifies the type of template to be used by the newly created site. If you do not specify a template to use, the owner can choose a template when he or she first browses to the site. The value may be be in the form: - name#configuration. If you do not specify the configuration, (for example, STS) configuration 0 is the default (for example, STS#0). - template title from Site Template Gallery (for example, “Example template”) - template file name from Site Template Gallery (for example, ExampleTemplate.stp).
this description Optional. Description of the new site.
use unique permission Specifies whether the site has unique permissions instead of inheriting them from the parent. Default value is No.
use the top link bar from the parent site Specify whether this site will have its own top link bar or use the one from its parent.
display this site on the Quick Launch Specify whether links to this site appear in the Quick Launch and the top link bar of the parent site.
display this site in in the Top Link Specify whether links to this site appear in the Quick Launch and the top link bar of the parent site.

Note: The template should be uploaded to Site Template Gallery (see below) or added to the global templates list by using the STSADM -o AddTemplate command ( ).

Valid values available in a default installation include:

  • STS#0: Team Site

  • STS#1: Blank Site

  • STS#2: Document Workspace

  • MPS#0: Basic Meeting Workspace

  • MPS#1: Blank Meeting Workspace

  • MPS#2: Decision Meeting Workspace

  • MPS#3: Social Meeting Workspace

  • MPS#4: Multipage Meeting Workspace

  • BLOG#0: Blog

  • WIKI#0: Wiki Site

Upload and use a site template (.stp) in SharePoint

Log on to SharePoint as an administrator to the site collection where you want to upload the template. Make sure to browse to the top level site of the site collection.

  • Click the Site Actions button → Site Settings → Modify All Site Settings

  • Go to the Galleries section and select Site templates.

  • On the Site Template Gallery page, select ‘Upload’ or ‘Upload multiple documents’

  • On the Upload Template: Site Template Gallery page, browse to the .stp file and click OK to upload the file.

  • You have now succesfully uploaded the file and are ready to use it.

Enumerates all site templates with PowerShell

$site = Get-SPSite "http://yoursite"

$webTemplates = $site.GetWebTemplates("1033");

$webTemplates | Select Name, Title, Description;