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Create SharePoint group

This activity adds a new SharePoint group to current site.

SharePoint Workflow Designer Phrase

Create this group and make this user the owner, give this permission level, can view: Group Member, can edit: Group Owner, add members at site url


Parameter Description
this group Name of the new SharePoint group
this user Optional. Single User login or Group name. The owner can change anything about the group such as adding and removing members or deleting the group. Only one user or group can be the owner. If user is empty, the user who created the Web site will be used.
this permission level Optional. The permission level that you want members of this SharePoint group to have on this site. Multi permission assignments are supported. Use ‘,’ or ‘;’ separator to grant several permission. Example: "Approve, Read, View Only".
Group Member Specify who has permission to see the list of group members: Group Member (default) or Everyone.
Group Owner Specify who has permission to edit the list of group members: Group Owner (default) or Group Members
Members Optional. The members of the group. Use ‘,’ or ‘;’ separator to identify multiple users. Example: “DOMAIN\User_Alias; DOMAIN\User_Alias2”
site url Optional. The URL of the site collection where the group is being created. Default value is current site collection.

Note: You can set permission level if the site is not inherited permissions from the site collection. Otherwise you would get "This operation is not allowed on an object that inherits permissions" error.