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Create List Item

This activity creates list item on any site.

SharePoint Designer phrase


Output parameters

Parameter Description Example
itemID ID of created item Variable:ItemID

Input parameters

Parameter Description Example
List identifier The list where the item will be created. The value could be list name, guid or list URL (the web site relative URL). If the value field is empty, current list will be used. Documents [%Workflow Context: List ID %] /Lists/Tasks
FieldValues Dictionary contains field values for setting in created item. You can specify fields using Display Name, Internal Name or GUID. [ { 'Title' : 'New Item' }, { 'FieldName' : 'FieldValue' } ]
Folder Path If you want to create new item in specific folder you can specify this parameter. It can be web site relative URL to folder /Lists/ListName/Folder1/SubFolder
Site URL The URL of a SharePoint site. If the value field is empty, current site will be used. https://contoso/SiteUrl; https://contoso/Sites/SiteUrl; [%Workflow Context:Current Site URL%]subSite
TriggerEvent Indicates that activity triggers item create event Yes