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Copy List Item extended (Free)

This action copies list items.

Feature Matrix

**Feature ** List Items Files Notes
Copy Item X X
Move Item X X
Overwrite Item on Destination X
Specify Destination Subfolders X when copying/moving files in and out of doc. libs, path to a sub folder can be specified as the destination (ex. http://moss/site/doclib/subfolder)
Copy/Move File Attributes X when copying/moving files in and out of doc. libs, any attributes that exist in destination lib. are also set
Copy/Move Item History X List item history is never kept, file version history is always copied/moved
Copy/Move Item Attachments X
Copy/Move Item Cross Site X X
Copy/Move Item with Person Fields Cross Site X X

**Warning: **

This custom action presents a potential security issue. Because it runs as SHAREPOINT\system it can copy file/items to any site in the farm. A user with access to create SPD workflows on any one site can set this activity up to copy to sites that he does not have access to. If you do not want this behavior we suggest you remove this activity from VirtoWorkflow.ACTIONS file, located in [SPHive]\TEMPLATE\1033\Workflow\ folder.