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Copy List attachments to Document Library

This activity allows copy list item attachments to document library

You can use bulk update property to update fields of all the copied files.

SharePoint Workflow Designer Phrase

Copy this item attachments to list url, Overwrite existing items. Use bulk update to update fields


Parameter Description
this item List item to extract attachments
list url Parent folder url. Example: http://mycompanydomain/site/doclib/subfolder
Overwrite Indicates that activity overwrites existent files
bulk update Optional. Bulk update string. Includes field name and field value lines. [FieldName1]=[Value1] … [FieldNameN]=[ValueN] Note: Use vti_titlte field to update title Use ModerationInformation.Status field to update content approval status for an item. Use ModerationInformation.Comment field to update comment that addresses why the item was approved or rejected. **Example: ** Description=Test Description Start Date=2010-12-10T12:30:00 Published=1 Choice=My Choice #3 Lookup=12;# vti_title=My Super Title