SharePoint Redirect Page Web Part

Virto User Redirect Adjustment and Usage

Virto User Redirect component is designed for managing users' access to SharePoint pages using redirection from restricted pages to allowed ones.

Virto User Redirect Settings

To find User Redirect Settings on your SharePoint site, open SharePoint Menu "Site Actions\Site Settings". Then find section "Site Collection Administration" and click "Virto User Redirect Settings" link.

Users Allowed to Manage Virto User Redirect Settings

By default only site collection administrators are allowed to manage Virto User Redirect Settings. They can delegate managing rights to other users/SharePoint groups. Just select users/groups in people picker and click "Save" button.

Adding New Redirect Rule

To add new redirect rule click link "Add new redirect rule". Then fill in the form and click "Save" button.

Take into account that source urls "/SitePages/Test.aspx" and "/SitePages/Test.aspx?param=1" are different and you have to add redirect rules for each of them.

In case you want to make redirect working in all url zones (alternate access mappings in Central Admin), use relative source urls.

If you want to enable redirect in a single zone only, use absolute url.

You can add redirect for anonymous users only. Do not select users/groups in people picker and select check box "Including anonymous user".

Editing and Deleting Redirect Rules

Click "Edit/Delete" grid buttons in a table with redirect rules to make any modification with the rule or to remove it.