SharePoint Thumbnail View Web Part

Using Virto Thumbnail View

When the solution in successfully installed and adjusted, you can easily use it in your SharePoint document libraries with pictures. For instance, you have a document library with cars for the exhibition.

This is how the document library looks like when thumbnails are disabled. As you can see only icons are shown opposite the names of images.

If you enable thumbnails, the same library will show preview for every picture – a thumbnail.

If you click any of thumbnails, you will switch automatically to slideshow mode.

To start viewing thumbnails you also use “View Image Gallery Button”.

Click “Expand the image” to enlarge it.

To start automatic slideshow, use “Play” button. To switch between pictures manually use arrow buttons.

Moreover you can click any of shown preview images below to open it.

To finish slideshow and return to the library use “Close” button in the bottom right hand corner.

As you can see using the solution is extremely simple and very useful. This way you can use Virto Thumbnail View to work with pictures in document libraries.