SharePoint Social Aggregator Web Part

Twitter Data Source Settings

In case you need to add twitter as a data source, fill out the following fields.

  1. Data source name;

  2. Check the box “Display data from this source”;

  3. Define number of items to load;

*Note: for example, you select 30 items to load for the data source and 10 items to display for the web part (general settings). In this case page will be scrolled automatically to display all the 30 posts. *

  1. Use XSL Editor to change layout;

  2. Select “Twitter” as a data source type;

  3. “Enter “Screen Name” – twitter name displayed on the screen;

  4. If you check the box “Authenticate to Twitter”, updating posts right from the SharePoint will be allowed;

  5. “Twitter “PIN” is required in case you need to allow access twitter on your behalf;

Check the boxes “Allow Posting”, “Allow Deleting” in order to provide SharePoint users with ability to add and update twitter post.

Click “Save” to save the settings for your Twitter data source.