SharePoint Related Items Field Type Feature

Related Items Field Type Usage

In the following example, you can see the parent list “Expenses” with 2 columns, representing the data from 2 child lists “John’s expenses” and “Anna’s expenses”.


When you click on the link “Click for details” from corresponding column, the related items from the child list are displayed.

On this picture, both columns are opened. The dividers with column names distinguish the data from each column.

Click on the item name to view details or hover the mouse point on item name to select an action.


When you open a parent’s list item in Edit form, you can edit or delete related items from this mode.

You can edit items by clicking on their names or by clicking on the edit icon.

Add new items

You can add new items from parent list directly to the child lists.

It is possible to enable or disable ability to add new items for each list. This option is enabled for list “John’s expenses” and disabled for list “Anna’s expenses”.

Also, you can define text for the link to new item creation mode.

Version Release History

Release Date Version Description
07/08/2017 v.1.0.0 First Public Release