SharePoint Related Items Field Type Feature

How to connect lists with SharePoint Related Items Field Type feature

When you have installed Virto SharePoint Related Items Field Type and activated it, you need to adjust the feature.

Since Virto SharePoint Related Items Field Type is supposed to work with SharePoint lists of current site collection, you have to:

  • create a list you are going to work with, add lookup column and adjust the feature


  • add a lookup column to an existing list and adjust the feature.

For example, you need to aggregate information from distinct personal lists (eg. “John’s expenses”) in one list of employee’s expenses (“Expenses”).

Every child list should have the lookup column pointed to the parent list “Expenses”.

The following example contains the lookup in “John’s expenses” list:

The parent list “Expenses” should contain “Virtosoftware Related items” columns pointed to all child lists.

On the following picture, I have created in parent “Expenses” list a new “Virtosoftware Related items” column named “John”.

Scroll down to the bottom of column creation form to the “Related Items Definition” settings.

Select the child list, a linked lookup column and define other options if needed (see the next chapter for more details).

The default settings look like follows:

Save the column.

Now, the column “John” in list “Expenses” represents the personal expenses from child column.