Office 365 Workflows for SharePoint Designer 2013

Send email with attachments

This activity allows sending html formatted email/emails with multiple attachments via Smtp server. Multiple attachments are supported. Both http and https requests are supported.

SharePoint Workflow Designer Phrase

Send email to these users, blind carbon copy to this address, display this address as sender and include this attachments


Input parameters

Parameter Description Example
these users Email message and destination email address
this address Optional. Blind carbon copy
this address Optional. Sender email address
this attachments Direct web links to attachments (semicolon delimited) /Documents/t1.txt; https://testsite/imgs/t1.jpg;
Smtp Server Name of smtp server
Smtp Port The port used for smtp transactions 25, 2525
Smtp User Login User login for smtp server mycompany\john,
Smtp User Password User password for smtp server Pa$$word
List identifier Optional. The value could be list name, guid or list URL (the web site relative URL) Documents [%Workflow Context: List ID %] 107 /Lists/Tasks
Is impersonate Ignore permissions of the user, which initiated workflow. Execute activity under the Application Pool identity Yes/No