Office 365 Workflows for SharePoint Designer 2013

Remove permissions from folder

This activity removes permissions from specified folder. Value of permission field by default can be one of the following values:  None  Guest  Reader  Contributor  Web designer  Administrator  Editor  System  

SharePoint Designer phrase

Remove Reader permission on this folder in current list to user(s)/group(s).


Input parameters 

Parameter Description Example
siteUrl The URL of a source SharePoint site. If the value field is empty, current site will be used. https://contoso/SiteUrl; https://contoso/Sites/SiteUrl; [%Workflow Context:Current Site URL%]/subSite
Permission level Permission level None; Guest; Reader; Contributor; Web designer; Administrator; Editor; System
this folder Folder path inside selected list/document library Folder 001; Top Folder/Sub folder 1/sub folder2
current list Name or Url of chosen list. If the value field is empty, current list will be used. Tasks;  [%Workflow Context:List Name%] /Lists/ Tasks
User(s)/group(s) User login, e-mail, group name, group ID “user\@domain”, “domain\user”. It allows multiple values separated by a semicolon.