Office 365 Workflows for SharePoint Designer 2013

Remove all permissions from list item

This activity removes all permission assignment from list item, breaking list permission inheritance if necessary.

SharePoint Designer phrase


Input parameters

Parameter Description Example
Current item Item ID. If the value field is empty, current item ID will be used. [%Variable:ItemID%], Current Item:ID
Current list Title or Url of chosen list. If the value field is empty, current list will be used. Tasks [%Workflow Context:List Name%] /Lists/ Tasks
SiteURL (optional) The URL of a source SharePoint site. If the value field is empty, current site will be used. https://contoso/SiteUrl; https://contoso/Sites/SiteUrl; [%Workflow Context:Current Site URL%]/subSite


Note: We recommend you to run all Virto Permissions actions inside App Step to avoid failing of your subsequent actions inside the workflow.