SharePoint Forms Designer

Adding New Form

Go to a required list in your SharePoint and switch to “Library” or “List” tab. Click on Forms Designer icon on the ribbon. SharePoint Forms will be opened in the new window.

On Virto SharePoint Forms page use dropdown “Change form” to create a new form.

6 form types are available according to content item and folder types:

  • Item edit form
  • Item new form
  • Item display form
  • Folder edit form
  • Folder new form
  • Folder display form

In other words, you can create a form view for a folders structure or create a form view for list items in a SharePoint library.

In the following examples the item form will be used.

For example, you can open edit form to start creating a new form for list items editing. Actually, you can use any other default form view to start working with Virto SharePoint Forms.

All existing fields of the corresponding list are displayed on the top.

Basic controls for SharePoint form creating are located below.

Now you can design a SharePoint form, using drag and drop function. New section will appear on the form.

In the right part you can define additional parameters of chosen controls.

For example, you can type titles for both tabs, add new tab or adjust security settings.

Also, you can make changes for fields.

SharePoint Forms Designer allows you to define label text appearance of the list fields. Choose text color, style and size to change its appearance.

You can hide label text by unchecking box “Visibility”.

The control properties size function allows you to customize the field width.

You can add any amount of sections and fields from the current list and place them in several rows under each other or locate 3 elements in a single row.

You are able to locate in one row no more than 3 controls. Also, you can place controls inside Tabs and Accordions.

Remove chosen controls from your form by clicking “Remove” button or using drag and drop feature.

Note: you can add any fields from the current list with no Read-only rights.

Note: it is impossible to add fields of “Attachment” type.

Note: fields from lists of “Document Library” types are not supported.

Note: “Recurrence” and “All day event” fields from lists of “Calendar” type are not supported.