SharePoint Online Backup and Recovery Tool

Virto SharePoint Backup and Recovery Installation

Backup and Recovery component by Virtosoftware is intended to backup and restore your valuable SharePoint content from site-collection or separate site.

-Download and copy Backup and Recovery archive on your computer

-Unzip archive

-Run virtobr.exe file from the command prompt (CMD.EXE)

Virto SharePoint Backup and Recovery usage

virtobr -o OperationType -u UserName -p Password -s Source -d Destination [-r]

-o (--Operation) Required. Type of operation: Backup or Recovery
-u (--User) Required. Enter SharePoint user login
-p (--Password) Required. Enter SharePoint user password
-s (--Source) Required. Local folder path for Recovery operation. Or SharePoint website url for Backup operation
-d (--Destination) Required. Local folder path for Backup operation. Or SharePoint website url for Recovery operation
-r (--Recursive) Optional. Add this parameter to run backup recursively (include subsites)


Run Backup non-recursively

virtobr -o Backup -u -p MYP@SSWORD! -s -d c:\backup\test Backup folder is created according the destination path. The timestamp (year, month, day and time of backup creation) is added to folder name. Ex: test_201605181530

Run Backup recursively (include subsites)

virtobr -o Backup -u -p MYP@SSWORD! -s -d c:\backup\test -r

Run Restore

virtobr -o Restore -u -p MYP@SSWORD! -s c:\backup\test_201605181530 -d

Virto SharePoint Online Backup and Recovery usage

[Option(longName: "Domain", HelpText = "Domain of the user. For Windows authentication", Required = false)]

[Option("AuthMode", HelpText = "Authentication mode: NTLM | OFFICE365", Required = false, DefaultValue = AuthMode.OFFICE365)]


Wind Authentication:

-o Backup -s -d c:\testbackup -u Admin -p 1111111 --Domain virtosoftware --AuthMode NTLM