Office 365 Resource Manager

Using Virto Resource Manager App

When the app is adjusted, it may look like follows:

Note: See the chapter “Adding App to a SharePoint site” to specify a chart for each page.

The left part includes list of resources (users, task names, date and time, etc.) and the right part shows the timescale with amount of tasks planned for a single period with colors (green, yellow, orange, red). For instance, if one task is planned for a period, this period is shown as green; if two tasks are planned – yellow; 3-4 tasks are highlighted with orange, and more are red. This helps managers to edit the plan according to resource utilization.

You may hover the mouse point on the colored zone to see a tooltip with tasks planned.

A task containing an error (for example, its due date is less than start date) is colored with green and pink stripes.


You may select a required timescale using dropdown menu.

The following options are available: “Hours”, “Quarter Days”, “Days”, “Weeks”, “Thirds of Months”, “Months”, “Quarters”, “Half Years”.

Use navigation arrow buttons to switch back and forth in timeline.

Or select a date to navigate to in the date picker.

Virto Resource Manager app supports scrolling with mouse wheel in the Gantt chart, which is equivalent to pressing an arrow key or to clicking the arrow button on a scrollbar.

Creating a Task

Virto SharePoint Resource Manager allows users to create tasks right in the app. The same changes will be done in a SharePoint list.

Click “Add new task” button to create a new task.

You have to select a resource list where this task will belong to. Then add a task name and fulfill the fields of edit form (you can select these fields in Resource settings).

Created task will appear in the chart.

Virto SharePoint Resource Manager for Office 365 allows users to create milestones - tasks with zero duration or with the same start and end dates. Just create new task as described in previous section and define equal start and end date and time.

Task sorting and filtering

You can use a filter bar to show only required tasks.

You may sort tasks in ascending and descending order by clicking on a column in the left part of chart. For example, you can start tasks by name in alphabetical order or according to Start Date.

“Scroll to Today” action

If you need to scroll chat view to current date, click “Scroll to Task”.

Moving Tasks

You can easily change task dates by simple moving. Use mouse to move tasks to other dates by simple drag and drop feature.

Start and end dates of this task will be changed. The same changes will be done in a SharePoint list.

Changing Task Duration

Virto Resource Manager allows users to change task duration with drag and drop feature. Just drag start or end of a task to required date and drop it.

End date will be changed. The same changes will be done in a SharePoint list.

Changing Percent Complete

If percent complete field is added (see data source settings), you can easily change percent complete right in the chart. Just drag and drop percentage to required number.