Office 365 Resource Manager

Administration and Usage

Adding App to a SharePoint site

Go to SharePoint site where you want to add the app and open “Edit page”. You will switch to edit mode.

Click “Insert” > “App Part” > Select “Virto Resource Manager for Office 365” and add app to the page.

If you already have at least one SharePoint Resource Manager chart existing on your site collection, you can apply it to be displayed on this page. Otherwise, see the “First Start” instruction to create a new chart.

Click “Edit” > “Edit web part”.

You will see the list of existing charts.

Scroll down to the Virto SharePoint Resource Manager Properties. There you can select a chart ID from the table with charts.

For example, if I want to display “Vacations” chart on current page, I have to type 3 in the ID field.

Click OK to apply changes.

Added app with selected chart will be displayed on page. To adjust it, go to web part settings.

Virto SharePoint Resource Manager Settings

Create a new resource

Create a new chart