SharePoint Resource Management Web Part

New Task Modes

Virto SharePoint Resource Management Web Part supports three modes of task creating:

  • “Create Task automatically”;

  • “Virto’s New Task Form”;

  • “SharePoint’s New Task Form”.

Create Task Automatically” mode is described in previous section. You just use “Create task” button to add a task. This mode is used by default.

If you need to change create new task mode, go to web part settings and select required mode in the “New Task Mode” block:

If “Virto’s New Task Form” mode is used, you will be able to fill out Virto’s New Task form as follows.

If there are additional tasks (tasks from other lists) are in the web part, you can select data source when new task adding.

It is also possible to use “SharePoint’s New Task Form” mode. In this case new task form will look as follows: