SharePoint Pivot View Web Part

Virto HTML5 Pivot. User Directory

Go to “Pivot view settings” section and click “Add new” or use Quick Data source wizard. Select user directory as a data source.

Define name of user directory, enter site URL. Click “Generate”.

Now click “Edit” icon om the right side of created User directory data source and match fields of facet categories and user directory fields in “Mapping fields” block. Most fields’ values are detected automatically.

Note: “Name” field is required.

Then you need do define image settings for Pivot View. Define width and height of images (in pixels).

Note: page load time depends on image size. Do not define too large size for images in the Pivot View.

Then go to image settings section and define parameters of displayed images. The settings can be customized in the same way as it is described in “SharePoint list” chapter.