SharePoint Pivot View Web Part

Version Release History

Release Date Version Description

12/28/2016 v.4.4.0 [+] html5 pivot: multiple items selection removed brand image option

12/23/2016 v.4.3.0 [+] Html5 PivotViewer webpart

11/03/2014 v.4.2.1 [-] Set Graph mode as default view [-] Link on item panel (404 Error)

07/29/2011 v.3.0.0 [+]Toolbar Custom Action Button and multiple selection [+]Cache Settings

05/03/2011 v.2.2.0 [+] Column types "Managed Metadata" and "Calculated" are supported [+] Print option is added [+] Fullscreen mode

03/23/2011 v.2.0.0 [+] New types of data Data Sources - User Directory, Active Directory, MS SQL are added [+] Quick data source wizard for quick adding of data sources with automatically generated Facet Categories [+] Content type icon is shown for items in cases when they contain no images (custom icons are supported)

12/01/2011 v.1.5.0 [+] Custom action button [-] Facet categories order

10/01/2010 v.1.0.0 First public release.