SharePoint Pivot View Web Part

Action settings

In case you need to add a special button, that leads to a site or list item, you can enable “Action” block. Check the box “Enable Action” in the settings block, type name of the button and enter the text of note that will be displayed when placing cursor on the button. Click “OK” or “Apply” to save the settings.

To define a site or field that will be displayed when using this button, go to data source settings, expand “Action” block and define where button should lead. Click “Save”.

Note: fields support active keys {SiteUrl}, {WebUrl}, {ListUrl}, {ItemUrl}, {FieldName}.

As a result, button will be displayed for an item when hovering the mouse point on it and the redirect link will be opened in a new window after clicking on it. It is the link to Google search results in our case.