SharePoint Password Reset and Recovery Web Part

Version Release History

Release Date Version Description

10/14/2016 v.3.2.1 [-] Issue in resetting password for user from specified organizational unit is fixed.

10/10/2016 v.3.2.0 [+] Option for displaying captcha has been added.

04/15/2016 v.3.1.1 [+] Option for limiting users from specified Organizational Units to reset password has been added.

09/09/2013 v.3.0.0 [*] New license manager

09/20/2011 v.2.0.0 [+] Resetting password for FBA users has been added.

06/25/2010 v.1.3.0 [+] Ability to change web part localization has been added. [+] French localization has been added. [+] Option for hiding password on page has been added. [+] Option for public web part page url has been added.

02/04/2009 v.1.2.0 [+] Password complexity setting are added

11/13/2009 v.1.1.0 [*] User interfaces [-] Some fixes for Error Message System

09/29/2009 v. 1.0.0 First Release

[-] bug fixed [+]new features added