SharePoint Password Reset and Recovery Web Part

Administration and Usage

Adding the Web Part to a Page

Go to SharePoint site where you want to add the web part and open “Site Actions - Edit page”.

You will switch to edit mode. Click “Add a Web Part”.

Select Virto Password Reset and Recovery Web Part for SharePoint at the bottom of the list and click “Add”.

Once you have clicked “Add” button, use “Exit edit mode” button.

Virto Password Reset and Recovery Administration

Once you have added Virto Password Reset and Recovery web part to the site page, you have to adjust it. Use “Edit Web Part” in the upper right hand corner of the page.

The Web Part settings will be displayed. SharePoint administrator adjusts the system according to password security policy.

Active Directory Authentication

Check the box “Show password to user” if you want to show password on the site page when user resets it.

“Show captcha” checkbox allows you to add captcha when user resets password.

If you define page public url, external users will be able to reset password and receive a new one with using this publiс url.

Active Directory authentication enables users to enter the same login and password to logon to the SharePoint site as for logging to Windows system. In this case automatic SharePoint authentication can be adjusted.

There are two options for password reset: security questions and email request. See the sections below.

Form Based Authentication

Security Questions

Email Request

Password Format