SharePoint Password Expiration Web Part

Version Release History

Release Date Version Description

02/22/2017 v.2.1.4 [*] Users who are added to SharePoint as Active Directory group(s) are supported.

05/18/2016 v.2.1.3 [*] Some script files have been moved to _layouts folder.

03/11/2016 v.2.1.2 [*] E-mail with password expiration message is not sent to account disabled in Active Directory. [-] Issue with duplicated e-mails about password expiration in some cases has been fixed.

11/16/2015 v.2.1.1 [-] Issue when user is not found in AD and unnecessary message is added to log files has been fixed.

07/15/2015 v. 2.1.0 New license manager

09/09/2013 v. 2.0.0 New license manager

07/04/2012 v. 1.0.0 First Public Release